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Nea Plagia Xalkidiki
Νea Playa is a large settlement of Halkidiki. It belongs to the City of New Marmara Region of Central Macedonia .From 1999 to 2010 according to the then administrative division of Greece was seat of the municipal district of Triglia.In 2001 it had 1,249 inhabitants. The beach of the village attracts many visitors every year. The main occupation is agriculture and tourism professions. Mainly produced
Nea Flogita Chalkidiki
Flogita, which belong to the Prefecture of Chalkidiki, located 52 km. From Thessaloniki and 6 km. From Nea Moudania. The seaside is a large settlement, belonging to the Municipality of Moudania is built amphitheater on a hill just a few meters from the sea, overlooking the Thermaikos. In the village there including primary school, called "Primary School Flogita / New Plagia".Flogita have 1,520 residents.

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    Museum of fishing vessels and gears Municipality Moudanion

    The Museum of fishing vessels and gears was launched in March 2002 and operates in the financial, technical and administrative support of the Municipality Moudanion.I idea of ​​creating a museum for fishing started by Navy Moudanion Group, who helped Moudanion municipality a great collection of shells and crustaceans, but also contributed to the rescue of old fishing gear and nautical instruments. At the Museum you can discover the old and modern fishing techniques, fishing gear, navigation, thumbnails fishing vessels as well as outstanding magic of the seabed (displayed in a specially designed room with the help of media).

    A special exhibit of the museum is the bougiantes, a traditional fishing hull used in the Sea of ​​Marmara and in our country became known by the refugees. The bougiantes exposure constructed by testimonies elderly fisherman and experience in traditional naval vessels. 

    In particular point of exposure exposed fish items brought by refugees from the unforgettable home and those used in the early years of their establishment in the new homeland. Ancient anchors, gill nets and insulated, cotton nets, compasses, lights and celestial spheres , hooks and lines, pots and harpoons for urchins, balotses and macarons, Planes and floatare some of the objects on display.

    Three-dimensional reconstructions technikonalieias like da-Retail, the pezotrata, the purse seine vessels dummies like rower seine and trawl with karavoskarou hull and rich illustrations and comprehensible texts complement the rare fish items. The museum also operates a multipurpose room that occasionally has hosted educational programs and exhibitions of paintings and photography. 

    Finally, the museum has a souvenir shop, a landscaped surroundings and parking.