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    Flogita, which belong to the Prefecture of Chalkidiki, located 52 km. From Thessaloniki and 6 km. From Nea Moudania. The seaside is a large settlement, belonging to the Municipality of Moudania is built amphitheater on a hill just a few meters from the sea, overlooking the Thermaikos. In the village there including primary school, called "Primary School Flogita / New Plagia".

    Flogita have 1,520 residents. This number increases dramatically during the summer months, where has over 20,000 inhabitants and episkeptes.Paraliaka there are plenty of restaurants, fast food, pastry shops, cafés and bars, clubs and the general climate refers to "party style village".

    The beach of Flogita is sandy, with a length of about one km., Organized with lifeguard coverage, which has received the Blue Flag. The sea, which is one of the cleanest seas in the county, is very warm and the depth increases smoothly, with opportunity for water sports.

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